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Name : Payam Rad Behkoosh Co.,Ltd.
Address : Tehran-Iran
Telephone : -
Email : Info@Prb-Ltd.com
Website : www.Prb-Ltd.com
Fax : -
Description :

Payam Rad Behkoosh Co provides different equipments of industries such as Gas, Oil, Petrochemical, Hygienic and Sanitary industries , Cement Plant , and electronic educational equipments for educational centers .

Payam Rad Behkoosh Co are able to procure proper equipments and Consultation in choosing proper equipments for industrial projects, after-sales service and supplying technical  equipments of industrial projects specially in measurement,instrument equipments and electronic educational products.

Name : Virtual World Ideas Co
Address : Balot Building,Ferdos BLV,Sadeghie Sq,Tehran,Iran.
Telephone : 02144050835
Email : info@vwideas.com
Website : www.vwideas.com
Fax : 0
Description :

Virtual World Ideas Co Activities :

Web Development Services including :

Website Design

Website Programming

Graphic Design

Web Hosting

Web Application and Software

Name : INTex Technologies
Address : Dubai-UAE
Telephone : 0097143544468
Email :
Website : www.Intexuae.com
Fax :
Description :

INTEX Technologies is a major business participant in the consumer electronics, Mobility and IT accessories .

Today INTEX Technologies has its global presence across the South East Asia , GCC and Middle East , Africa ,Some parts of America and Europe and CIS countries .

Considering the advancement of technology ,INTEX expended its product verticals by adding Smartphones,Mobile Accessories in addition to IT Accessories, Speakers, Home Theater,Power Products , Networking and PC Cables
Arnika Mana Industrial Group is official distributor of INTEX Technologies Products in Iran

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