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Empowering Business !

It’s our constant evolution , refinement and upgrading of every aspect of our services that has redefined our group .

With us you have a new brand and an evolving vision .

Opening or expanding a business with the help of Arnika Mana Business Support Services is just so easy .we would be delighted to assist you with any enquiries .

With Arnika Mana you will open up a whole new world of options and possibilities .While giving you the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of business services advantages , it places you under umbrella of sponsorship and encouragement .

At Arnika Mana focus is on ease and speed .

Our services at a glance :

Exports and Import Services, Customs Affairs Service, Registration of Commercial Order & Goods Clearance, Goods & Services Outsourcing (Domestic & International) from the most reputable producers and service providers all over the world.

Financial and Accounting Consultation Services.

Consultation service on all kinds of Documentary Credits, all kinds of domestic and international bank guarantees, banking operation and international payment methods, Legal consultation service, Consultation services on concluding all kinds of domestic and international contracts, Consultation service on propagation, marketing and advertisement.      

Consultation and execution of domestic and international tenders and bids.

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