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Aiming to promote and develop technical, engineering and commercial services in order to realize potential and current needs of the industries, adopting an optimized approach towards scientific and commercial mechanisms and relying on years of experiences of veteran managers, Arnika Mana Industrial Group was established to render the best commercial services as a solution for the industrial needs of today and tomorrow.


Formation of an objective group within the framework of expertise workgroups is an ideal bringing about a mixture of the most efficient and optimized industrial and commercial services in order to further uplift such a group in the domestic and international markets. This is what we are trying to reach and believe in its realization.


Employment of committed managers and experts, who mix knowledge and experience help us render better and more stable services so that the group can further approach what it is thinking about by steady steps.


Making use of state-of-the-art managerial and steady development methods, esteeming and investing in human resources, we are able to meet different needs of the customers and be a sincere and reliable pathfinder.


Arnika Mana Industrial Group makes every endeavor to day by day differentiate its own group and services as per the following indices:


·         Flexibility in rendering services

·         Speed and innovation in rendering better and further services

·         Rendering all-inclusive services (including but not limited to before-sales, during-sales and after-sales)

·         Bringing about inducement and attraction in rendering services

·         Achieving  customer satisfaction

·         Market orientation and paying attention to today’s market requirements

·         Making every effort to establish further added value compared to the competitors

·         Organization orientation and establishment of convergence in market

·         Close, permanent and effective relation with customers

·         Continuous analysis and investigation of the market through Development and Marketing Department in order to further effectively interact with market

Arnika Mana Industrial Group always makes every endeavor to move towards its own objectives and future more steadily than before through comprehensive management of its affiliated companies and departments.


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