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Commercial Services Group
Commercial Services:

Commercial Services Group:


This specialized workgroup provides a collection of most important and thorough commercial services by veteran experts. It is an exclusive collection, which frees the commercial-services applicants from referring to different and numerous companies involving in the same field by meeting their requirements, and obviates the possible challenges ahead by saving time and optimizing the costs via integrated management.

Export and import of goods, clearance of goods and customs affairs, goods and services outsourcing, holding tenders and bids, holding specialized fairs, seminars and conferences are all part of the diversified services of the group.

In this group, we will try our best to be your best, most sincere and most reliable advisor on various arenas as financial affairs, accounting, documentary Credits, banking affairs, legal affairs, contractual and advertisement affairs.

Relying on educated and experienced advisors, we will pave the way for you to achieve your objectives as quickly as possible.


Relying on its veteran experts, this group will be honored to render a collection of best commercial services to its potential customers in order to achieve its commercial objective, which is the very customer satisfaction.

Such services are grouped as follows:
1. Exports and Import Services (without exchange transfer, import against export etc)
2. Customs Affairs Service, Registration of Commercial Order & Goods Clearance  from all State Customs.
3. Goods & Services Outsourcing (Domestic & International) from the most reputable producers and service providers all over the world:

3.1. Industrial Procurement and Technical and Engineering Consultation


We are able to procure raw materials, equipments and machineries required for different industries and rendering consultation on better selection of equipments and machineries from all over the world for industrial projects.


We are expert at outsourcing, preparation, procurement and supply of raw materials, machineries, instrument and measurement tools and equipments required for different projects and industries, especially cement, steel, petroleum, gas, petrochemical, cosmetic and hygienic industries.


3.2. Acquisition of agencies from the most reliable foreign companies


4. Financial and Accounting Consultation Services
5. Consultation service on all kinds of Documentary Credits, all kinds of domestic and international bank guarantees, banking operation and international payment methods:


5.1. Opening all kinds of Documentary Credits (including but not limited to L/C at sight, transferable L/C , Back to Back L/C, Refinance, Usance, all kinds of Bills of Exchange   etc)

5.2. Consultation on issuance of domestic and international bank guarantees
6. Legal consultation service
7.  Consultation services on concluding all kinds of domestic and international contracts:

Preparation of commercial contracts (including but not limited to purchase and sale), all kinds of consultation contracts in technical and engineering department and contract-work agreements as per FIDIC Instructions, domestic and international sales and distribution agent contracts, management of commercial negotiations


8. Consultation service on propagation, marketing and advertisement:         


8.1. Establishment and evaluation of goods and services networks, trends and flows of goods distribution

8.2. Consultation and execution of marketing and market research services at domestic and international levels

8.3. Investigation of structures of target markets for export and transmission of information on business rules and regulations in the related market

9. Consultation and execution of domestic and international tenders and bids

Holding all kinds of domestic and international tenders and bids as per updated, scientific and comprehensive standards upon customer’s request

10. Holding specialized seminars, conferences and fairs

11. Consultation and establishment   of all domestic and international sales and purchase systems at different commercial and industrial sectors

12. Coordination of transport and forwarding affairs at international level (aerial, land, marine)

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