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Industry Group
Industry Group:


Industry Group is engaged in industrial procurement section and is honored to render the best services for meeting the requirements of different industries.


 Industrial procurements and Technical Engineering Consultation Department:

 Sourcing and procurement & supply of materials, machineries, instruments and   measurement tools and equipments of industries and projects specially cement, steel, Home Appliance, petrochemical.

We are able to procure proper equipments and provide consultation on choosing  proper equipments for industrial projects.

This department is engaged in outsourcing, preparation, procurement and supply of raw materials, machineries, instruments and measurement tools and equipments required especially by cement, steel, oil, gas, petrochemical, cosmetic and hygienic industries and projects.


We are able to procure raw materials, equipments and machineries required by different industries and provide consultation on better choice of equipments and machineries for industrial projects.

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